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Little Jack shad
Little Jack shad : Body length 75 mm. W 10 grams Great action successful Barra jacks Cod, on all estuary species plus sooty grunter.cod, yellowbelly in the fresh water. Best Barra to date 103cm. Videos available of the action on our FB page
Small Painted Sliders
Small slider: Total length 70mm(SPS) and 45mm(MSPS),keel weighted,has a great "walk the dog" action, good for all surface feeders, Bass, Sooties, Jungle Perch. Best Bass 33cm,JP 35cm,Sooties "heaps", jack 37cm.
Mid Shad
Mid shad : Body length 85 mm. W 11 grams. Same great action as the Barra shad but just a bit smaller, same hook sizes great action and a slow rise. Good for Barra, jacks, Cod, estuary species. Best Barra to date 85cm. Videos available of the action on our FB page
Barra Shad
Barra Shad: Body length 95 mm. W 16 grams. A deep diving lure to 3m, ideal for working through the timber snags.Great for Barra, jacks, cod, all estuary species that attack lures. Best Barra to date 87cm. Videos available of the action on our FB page
Mini-popper: 45 - 60mm approx. Great little popper that has been deadly on sooty grunter, jungle perch, whiting and would work for bass etc.they weigh aprox. 8 grams Best Barra to date on these little lures has been 87cm,best sooty 47cm,best jp 37 cm. some new poppers are being turned up .
JP Special
JP Special: Total length 80mm,W 7 grams. A shallow diver that works equally as well in the fresh and in the estuary good for sooty grunter, jungle perch, jacks and Barra. Been very successful in and around weed beds. Best jp 35 cm, best sooty 45cm. Videos available of the action on our FB page
Little D
Little D: Body length 60 mm, W 7 grams. A great little diver that gets down deep, good for all species barra, jacks, cod, yellowbelly, jungle perch sooty grunter, murray cod. Best sooty, heaps over 40cm,jp 32cm,bream to 30cm,good numbers of rat Barra. Videos available of the action on our FB page
Triple S
Triple S ; Total length 100mm. W 15 grams. Keel weighted surface slider in the true "walk the dog" style, good for all surface feeding fish, been very successful on good size Barra feeding in the drains.I have fitted a #2 hook and larger split ring on the rear hook,will still take a bigger hook if required.
Nude Lures
These lures are now a custom line. Happy to carve one for you.
Semi Nude Lures
Semi Nude Lures with a touch of bling on the back, gives a great flash through the water.
Jungle Bugs
Surface walkers,a great top-water lure with a good action attracts the attention of all surface feeders. Effective on Jungle Perch, Sooties bass cod etc. From 60mm to 100mm.
Medium Poppers
A useful size popper for all pelagic's, great action in the water. The weight varies but the 100mm weigh 25 grams,120 mm 37 grams and 46-50 grams for the 120mm.This can vary a bit due to timber thickness.
A fun top-water lure when you need to wake up the action. Great for pelagics,especially Queenfish. The 60mm bass fizzer weighs aprox. 8 grams.the 90mm 18 grams and the 120 mm 28 grams HAPPY TO CARVE ONE OUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE CUSTOMISED
Sand Crawler
A shallow diving lure only small at around 55-60mm, W 9 grams. has a great action and has been deadly on Barra in the shallows.The sooty's have taken a liking to it as well.all now have poly bibs except SC1 which is the last of the aluminium bibs.
Jungle Minnows
A large minnow style lure 170 mm W 20 grams. It has a great action gets down fairly deep.Been success full for us around in the snags for barra and trolling at speed for mackerel.
BA Poppers
large popper made primarily from New Guinea Rosewood with a few red cedar/silky oak in amongst them,Stainless through wire construction with a 100 lb swivel,weighted at the tail.They weigh approximately 120-160 grams and are around 140 t0 200 mm long x 40 mm at the tail end.
The Jack Slayer
A suspending lure designed to be fished around pontoons and pylons specifically in the Gold Coast canals.Fitted with Shogun # 6 hooks, the bib is pinned with a stainless steel screw.I have painted them in colours that have been successful in FNQ. The lure is incredibly sensitive to weight and the rise (or lack of ) can be adjusted simply by changing the split ring.Its weight varies but around 11 grams length is 75 mm not including the bib.
Stainless Steel key rings
a stainless steel key ring with a bottle opener.
The Fender
These lures are now a custom line. Happy to carve one for you.
The Jungle Water Snake
These lures are now a custom line. Happy to carve one for you.
The Jungle Herring
A life like lure in action and shape.60 mm body length 90 mm overall.10 mm wide at the top tapering to 5 mm at the keel,the bibs are pinned at the top due to the lack of timber around them.They weigh around 11 grams .They cast well and have been catching fish in the sea trials.
These lures are now a custom line. Happy to carve one for you.
The Jungle Sardine
Another bait fish type lure,60 mm long(not including the bib) x 14 mm wide and weighs 9 grams, fitted out with #6 short shanked hooks.Crash dives well, has a great action and has been very successful on our sea trials.The jacks were climbing over each other to get to it.
The Jungle Miniscule
Made from camphor laurel,they weigh about 4 grams are 35 mm long not including the bib.Fitted out with #12 hooks but would take a short shank #10. as you can see by the vid still got the great Jungle Lures action. Target fish? Bream,Whiting Flathead,Redfin and trout!
The Stealth
These lures are now a custom line. Happy to carve one for you.
Jungle Berries
"match the hatch": A lure I made for those guys who fish the fresh right up in the rain forrest. It imitates the small native red cherry that falls into the creeks,a feeding bonanza for Jungle perch, Sooty grunter etc.its size ranges from 20 -35 mm and about 15 mmm thick all depends on what comes of the lathe and weighs very little.
A thin lure, 8-10 mm at the top tapering to 5 mm at the bottom lure.Around 100 mm long and weighs approx 6 grams depending on the thickness.useful for fishing on the edge of shallow banks, chasing Barra that are feeding in the running drains.We have caught barra in 300 mm with these.
Specials Box
Some lures I had made for the expo but Covid killed it. They were going to be on special there so here they are.