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3H Split Rings - 10 pack

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Screw Eyelets - 10 Pack

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Omegas - 10 pack

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Sample pack, including omegas, split rings & screw eyes

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Assassin Timber Lure
Assassin Timber Lure, 80mm body, dives 3m+ Great for Cod, Yellow belly, Sooty Grunter, Bass, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Redfin and many more......
Little Fella Timber Lure
Little Fella Timber Lure, 60mm body, dives 2m+ A versatile and proven lure suitable for all applications from river cod to impoundment bass!
Shadow Hunter Timber Lure
Shadow Hunter Timber Lure, 3 sizes available A perfect lure for many styles of fishing, slow trolling, quick retrieve or other techniques this lure performs well under all conditions
 Sub Categories: 60mm Shadow Hunter90mm Shadow Hunter120mm Shadow Hunter
Pixie Timber Lure
Pixie Timber Lure, 70mm body An awesome small profile lure!
 Sub Categories: Pixie Shallow Diver - Nose TowPixie 70mm
Spinnerbaits From 1/4 to 1 Oz there's a spinnerbait here to cover your needs. For Bass, Saratoga, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Sooty Grunter, Redfin and more...
 Sub Categories: 1/4 Oz Spinnerbaits3/8 Oz Spinnerbaits1/2 Oz Spinnerbaits3/4 Oz Spinnerbaits1 Oz Spinnerbaits
Black on Black Spinnerbaits
Spinnerbaits with a very dark profile, provided by solid black skirts, blades and powderpainted heads.
 Sub Categories: 1/4 Oz3/8 Oz
Twin Spin Spinnerbaits
Dual arm, Twin Blade Spinnerbaits
 Sub Categories: 1/4 Oz Twin Spins3/8 Oz Twin Spins1/2 Oz Twin Spins3/4 Oz Twin Spins1 Oz Twin Spins
Quad Spin Spinnerbaits
Dual arm, Quadruple Blade Spinnerbaits
 Sub Categories: 1/4 Oz Quad Spins3/8 Oz Quad Spins1/2 Oz Quad Spins3/4 Oz Quad Spins1 Oz Quad Spins
Aluminium Bibs
Laser cut aluminium bibs
 Sub Categories: Spoonbill BibsStandard BibsSurface BibsStout BibsCray BibsSample Packs