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Sugaglida 75BT Ayu

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Sugaglida 75BT Pearl Ghost Minnow

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Sugaglida 75BT
A timber 75mm long topwater "walk the dog!" style lure based on our Sugaglida series of jerk baits. Casts long and surprisingly very accurate for a banana style lure. They weigh 8 grams and will cast well off light-medium spin & BC outfits. If the fish your after takes surface lures, they'll eat one of these.
Sugaglida 110
A 110mm timber jerk bait designed for barra, both salt & impoundment, but it will also account for many tropical species, jacks, queen fish, trevally etc, as well as xos flathead.
SBC50 Mk2 Deep, Medium & Shallow
A 50mm long timber lure in 3 diving depths, busy little action irresistible to bass, the square bill also makes them very snag resistant. Weight is 13grams, so they will cast and accurate off light to medium bc and spin tackle.
Redclaw Barra 100
A 100mm (body length) shallow diving timber lure designed to be equally at home in both Northern & Southern estuaries. Barra, Jacks, threadies, flathead etc will all be enticed by its seductive wiggle with lots of body roll.
Nagambie 2021 lures
Some new & designs we did for Nagambie 2021, most will have Nagambie 2021 engraved on the bib unless stated otherwise.
Redclaw 120 Aluminium bib
The Redclaw is a timber lure designed originally to catch barra, but it has gained quite a following with fisho's chasing murray cod a shallower water. First time iv'e done them with an aluminium bib, the extra weight gives them a head down attitude and the reduced buoyancy has them swimming at very slow speed. I reckon these could also become a great weapon for hunting xos flathead.
Toxic Shock 110 Mk2
A timber wake bait that will entice all manner of fish, Murray Cod, jacks, big flathead, barra etc will all fall under it's spell. 28 grams in weight has them casting very long off medium heavy spin or bc gear. BKK raptor hooks and forged rings mean they are good to go straight from the packet.
Church Mouse 60 Paddler
The Church Mouse 60 paddler as the name suggests is a 60mm timber Mouse surface lure designed for bass, small river cod, saratoga etc. Having a tear dropped body shape it casts extremely well, even off heavy bait cast tackle, with that seductive plop, plop, plop sound that great all great paddlers have.
Tuco Jnr 125
A 125mm 2 piece Rat surface lure made from Camphor Laurel, weighing and being bum heavy it casts like a hand grenade. A broken back lure with an aluminium bib is the perfect big cod surface lure.
Fat Boy Slim 60PD
A 60mm timber surface paddler with an aluminium bib, weighing around 12grams, casts long and straight off medium bc or spin tackle. 10 Colours available with your choice of painted or unpainted bibs. Bass, Togas, Barra, Sooties, Creek Cod etc, will all be deceived by it's extremely wide action and loud noisy bib.
Scampi Aluminium Bib Version
The famous Scampi with an aluminium bib, dives steeply and has a much wider sway than the traditional Scampi, particularly at slow speeds.
BC's Needeep 50 Fizzer & Wake Bait
A 50mm Frog Fizzer, fat bum has it casting long and accurate, flat belly means it won't prop torque (tumble turn) like a more rounded Fizzer will. Same body but in a wake bait with a seductive little surface shimmy. Bass, Togas etc will have no where to hide
Custom Shop BC Needeep 80 Fizzers & Wake Baits
BC Needeep 80mm custom shop Frogs, available in several different species of wood, collect them or fish em!
BC's Needeep 55 Popper
BC's Needeep Frog popper is a 55mm timber lure aimed at bass, saratoga, barra and creek cod, it casts extremely well off medium sized threadline or bc tackle. The folded polycarbonate lip has it blooping loudly before diving under the surface only to pop back up surrounded by lots of bubbles.
Church Mouse 45 Paddler
The Church Mouse 45 Paddler is a small 45mm long surface lure, it has a timber body with a felt flock coated body for a realistic look and feel. This compact little lure will catch anything that snacks on the surface.

Sugaglida 80DD Black Red Flash

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