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Crucian 80FD Orange Scale Carp
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Description: Crucian 80FD The deep diving Crucian 80FD is aimed at natives, particularly Murray Cod but it is small enough to still be a very viable yellowbelly lure. I have built this lure for cast and retrieve with skinny water in mind, but it would be just as at home trolled in a river or impoundment. It has an 80mm Body length and made from white Beech timber, it weighs just on 20 grams and casts extremely well off a baitcast outfit. The large pinned bib is made from 1.5mm polycarb and is very robust. All my lures are designed to handle up graded hooks without sandbagging the action, go up a size in 6X hooks, not a prob!
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Date: May 12, 2017, 06:57:33 AM

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