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Help & Settings
The software use for your store was originally written for a digital download stores. We have had it re-written to suit in-line shopping where products need to be posted. Below we have outlined some hints & tips on what settings you can change in your store and the setting you should not touch. When installing your store software, we set up the most commonly used settings so you shouldn't need to change anything.

Logging in to your store

When you signed to have a store on Australian Lure Shop, you should have recieved an email containing your store's URL (web address) and your username & password.
If you haven't recieved an email containing your user name & password, check your junk or spam folder in your email. If you still cannot find it, email us at or call 0423 464 311

Logging In
To log in to your store go to your store URL which will be
- At the top left side of the screen click Login then enter your username and password we provided to you then click enter.
- click on Admin Control Panel (top right hand corner of screen)

Setting your Paypal account address in your store & Instant Payment Notification (IPN) in Paypal

If you don't have a paypal account yet, you can get one HERE, it's free.

Setting your Paypal account address in your store
The first thing you need to do is set your PayPal address in your store. Once you have your paypal account number (usually the email address registed with paypal), log in to your store with the username & password provided to you by us.
- click on Admin Control Panel (top right hand corner of screen)
- click on Store Settings (left hand side of screen)
approx half way down the page you will find at space to enter your Paypal email address. We usually set this for you if you gave us the info, but check the address is correct. If you update this info, make sure you click on Save Settings at the bottom of the page. If at a later date you change payal accounts, you can update this info here.

Then click on Payment Modules & check that the same email address is entered at the top of the page. Again, update if needed and click on Save Settings to save any changes.
Imediately below where your paypal email address is shown on Payment Modules page, you will see IPN URL which will be store/storeipn.php copy the URL address, you will need to set your paypal IPN below.

Setting your Paypal Instant Payment Notification
Set by logging into PayPal.
Click on the Profile Link Then click Instant Payment Notification Preferences and then turn IPN on and enter the url copied from Store Settings > Payment Modules

Now your store & your paypal will talk to each other.

Core Settings

You should not need to change anything in Core Settings. We set this for you when we install the software for you.

Store Settings

- Custom Store Name: This is the name of your store that you will see at the top left corner of your store. You can change your store name.

- Store Path: Do not change this

- Store URL: Do not change this

- Buy Now Image URL: Do not change this

- Add to cart image URL: Do not change this

- Subscribe image URL: This is a carry over from the digital download software. It is only for digital sownloads. But do not change it.

- Max thumbnail width & Max thumbnail height: These are for the product images. Default is 120 x 120. You can change these but it may effect how your store is viewed on computers, tablets & smart phones. Changing this setting may look better having bigger pics on a computer screen, but may not look good on a smart phone.

- Make medium sized image: Default is ON. This is the product image you see when in an individual product item page. If you turn it off, the images will revert to the thumbnail size (120 x 120 by default)

- Medium image height & Medium image width: Default is 500 x 500. You can change the size of the image shown in a product page.

- Items per page: When inside a category, this setting is for how many items to show on page. Usually between 12 & 20 is ok, but you can go higher if you like.

For for further enquiries please email HERE>>>

Other Sales & Promotion Opportunities

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